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Context: The “Volkssparwagen” Edition to some degree was a successor to the “Käfer der Käufer” Edition and reflected both the effects of the international fuel crisis and the contemporary success of the first series Jeans Beetle.

It was a sales campaign used in mainland Western Europe promoted by advertising emphasising the benefits of fuel and insurance economy. The advertising was supported by newspaper styled promotional literature.

The Edition used two Beetles – a spartan 1200cc and luxe 1200cc – as it’s base models:

S714 Sonderaktion *Jeans 74* (Inland)
S716 Sonderaktion *Jeans 74* (Export)
S717 Sonderaktion “1200 L Fischgrät* (Inland)
S719 Sonderaktion “1200 L Fischgrät* (Export)
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