2014 Beetles Edition

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On June 6, 1964, the Beatles performed in the North Holland Blokker. It was their first and only appearance in the Netherlands. For this event exactly fifty years ago – and the special bond of the Fab Four with other Beetle – to celebrate, Volkswagen Beetles come with Edition, including musical tribute and greetings from Abbey Road.

On 5 and 6 June 1964 The Netherlands stood on its head: the Beatles arrived. It was a special visit. To begin with because Ringo Starr was not there. He was replaced by Jimmie Nicol. The Beatles were working a murderous program. After hysterical scenes on arrival at the airport there was a TV recording in Hillegom and of course the famous cruise through the canals of Amsterdam. But the highlights were two appearances in Lonja ‘Good Hope’ in Blokker.

Abbey Road and the fifth Beetle Perhaps the most famous pedestrian crossing in the world can be found at Abbey Road in north London. Here were photographed in 1969 four Beatles crossing the legendary Abbey Road album. Besides the four Beatles, there was still a key player on the cover: a creamy white Beetle. The pedestrian crossing on Abbey Road is still there. It is now a place of pilgrimage for music lovers – every day are made ​​new ‘cross pictures. ”

Beetles Edition: Blokker and Abbey Road ‘come together’ as a tribute to the fiftieth anniversary of Blokker ‘introduces Volkswagen Netherlands the Beetles Edition. Modern Beetle has many historical features. He is available in special color Abbey White. The glove box is always executed Abbey Road street sign and the doors are decorated with special crosswalk logos. The large ‘retro wheels’ have a nostalgic touch. In style is the Fender sound system of the eponymous guitar manufacturer. And then something personal: under the Volkswagen logo is to make a name of your choice:. Paul, John, Ringo and George for example, or the proper name  The glovebox, the logos on the doors and the name on the trunk are per directly ordered any new Beetle for € 255 including VAT. Things like the exterior color, wheels and retro Fender sound system are then added as separate options.

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