1983 MagnaBeetle

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 Future Policeman Urashiman is a Japanese science fiction manga series written by Hirohisa Soda, illustrated by Noboru Akashi and published by Akita Shoten. It was adapted into a 1983 anime television series produced by Tatsunoko Productions and ran from January 9 to December 24, 1983 on Fuji TV. It was later released in Germany and Sweden as Rock ‘n Cop, in France as Super Durand (roughly, “Super Jones” or “Super Smith”), and in Italy as Ryo, un ragazzo contro un impero (“Ryo, a boy against an empire”).

Saban Entertainment dubbed it under the title Rock ‘n Cop, but this dub was never released in the United States. The Saban version was however used as the base for the German and Swedish versions. A film version was in the works, but was also abandoned. The anime is licensed in North America by Sentai Filmworks. The first 26 episodes are available on Hulu for US viewers. – Wikipedia.

The story tells of a young man and his cat who are being pursued by the police during a particularly stormy night in a city in 1983. The young man suddenly drives his car right into the middle of a cyclone and is caught in a space/time anomaly. As a result they end up in the year 2050.

Hot Wheels Collectible courtesy Wiebren Huizinga.

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