Drei Käfer auf Extra-Tour Group Overview

Context: The “Drei Käfer auf Extra-Tour ” Edition was the first time Volkswagen used a multi-model line up as a promotional theme to generate interest across the Beetle range under the slogan “Extra-Tour: Many extras. Much cheaper. Zero down payment.”

The Edition used a trio of Beetles as the base models: spartan 1200cc, luxe 1300cc and sports 1600cc.

S736 W04 Sonderaktion *Sparkäfer*

S736 W05 Sonderaktion *Komfort-Käfer*

S736 W06 Sonderaktion *Sportkäfer*

In terms of market sectors the Sparkäfer with it’s back accent trim was aimed at the young (or young at heart) buyers. The other two meanwhile drew on the contemporary 1303 Volkswagen with Lux and a Sport themes respectively.

The promotion was supported with an advertising leaflet which unusually, and very helpfully, gave a comprehensive list of the equipment specification of each model.

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The S736 W04 Sparkäfer
The S736 W05 Komfort-Käfer
The S736 W06 Sportkäfer

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