1972 Marathon Weltmeister

Country and/or Category: [ Landmark Edition ], [ Milestone Vehicle ], Champion Edition, Europe | VIN range: not known | S-code(s): S714 Inland, S728 Export |
Extras/Options M-code(s): M014, M034, M042, M047, M060, M102, M162, M206, M227, M228, M248, M551, M560, M616, M714, M728

Paint and Upholstery:  L96M (9589) Marathonblau-metallic / Marathon Blue Metallic, Black (37) (cloth) / Black (50) (basket weave pattern leatherette).

(Marathonblau was a unique SEB colour in 1972 but had become a standard model range colour for the 1303 for the 1973 model year in Europe. )

Technical Data: 

1200cc typ.113 011 unbadged (958937, S728)

1200cc typ. 113 111 (1302) unbadged (958937, S728)

1300cc typ. 113 021 badged “VW 1300” (958937/50, S728)

1300cc typ. 114 021 badged “VW 1300” (958950, S728)

1300cc typ. 113 121 (1302) badged “VW 1302” (958937/50, S728)

1300cc. typ. 117 121 (1302) badged “VW 1302 L” (958950, S728)

1300cc typ. 113 121 (1302) badged “Volkswagen” (958937/50, S728)

1600cc typ. 113 131 (1302) badged “VW 1302 S” (958937, S728)

1600cc typ. 113 131 (1302) badged “VW 1302 S” (958937, S714)

Factory Fitted Optional Equipment: Weltmeister (World Champion) 4½J x 15 (ET 34) (Lemmerz 1511/VW 000 071 475 B) Sports wheels complete with with black painted centres complete with silver wheel nut caps and hexagonal VW aluminium stub covers were common to all variations of the Marathon / Weltmeister. So was a glovebox medallion. 

We believe that a core set components existed for this Edition as a “Z” pack. However because of the extensive variation in versions sold throughout Europe combined with at lot of production information still unknown to us we cannot be certain which “M” options were gathered into it. 

What we do know is that a large variation of factory fitted “M” options were included on the Marathon / Weltmeister Beetle Editions according to the market they were sold in.

These included:

M014 – “Volkswagen” badging on engine lid, 

M034 – Parking lamp warning light, side-mounted flashing indicators and rear reflector M042 – Sealed tyres for Export markets,

M047 – Twin reversing lights, 

M060 – Eberspächer stationary heater, 

M102 – Heated Rear Window, 

M162 – Rubber Bumper Trims

M206 – Rear view mirror, inner, anti-dazzle 

M227 – Higher front seat backrest (head restraints)

M228 – Padded Dashboard and cloth upholstery 

M248 – Ignition starter switch without steering lock

M551 – Halogen headlights

M560 – Steel sliding roof

M616 – Back-up light in the brake/indicator light 

In addition front fog lamps were fitted to cars for Belgium

Context: The Edition comprised of one single, unique, paint colour and wheel combination package that varied in detail according to the country of sale. The paint colour code, at this stage, was an unusual four-digit code of 9589 instead of the more usual two-digit repeated used in subsequent years as 8989–  as shown in the1973 Käfer 1303 brochure.

They were delivered complete with a commemorative folder ‘History in the making’, a small certificate, keyring and souvenir gold coloured medallion with the inscription ‘Der Weltmeister 1972, Wolfsburg, Germany’ and a side view of the Marathon.

Over 6000 ( #6857 seen on one medallion) Marathon / Weltmeisters  were produced by Volkswagen AG at Wolfsburg (Germany) and  D’leteren at Brussels (Belgium).

We understand that 1,500 World Champion Beetles were imported into the UK, with shipments arriving alongside the first deliveries of the K70 model. Main dealers were allowed six cars each while other agents got three.”On the road” price amounted to £949.52 including tax, delivery charges, number plates and current rate of British Road Tax at the time of £25.

Sales Literature:

Non produced by Volkswagen AG

Goode Reis/Bonne Route published by D’leteren feature the Edition in March 1972.

Volkswagen AG did however issue an 32 page, A5  sized brochure format, publication (numbered 24011.708,  dated 2/72) in Germany to commemorate the Beetle becoming world champion, or ‘Weltmeister’. It contained a resume of Beetle history in black and whiter photographs and text with a splash of red on the front cover proclaiming “Der Weltmeister” with a head on photo of a 1302 in familiar contemporary Volkswagen advertising and brochure style . 

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Substantive research Jan Walter , Information on the Belgian publications kindly provided by Jean-Marie Verhulst and “Der Weltmeister” A5 publication information  kindly provided by Pete Frost.

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