Morrell Pride Meats ‘His ‘n Hers’

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Morrell Meats of Sioux Falls, SD, USA ‘His ‘n Hers’ Sweepstakes promotion including a 1969 Convertible and ‘for her, the new Automatic Stick Shift sedan with sunroof’. First prize was four Volkswagens and second a matching Convertible and Sedan. The Automatic Beetle was introduced in model year 1968.

John Morrell & Company, the operation that would become what is now Smithfield, began operating in Sioux Falls in 1909. The operation started off in a leased building just south of the plant the company would build two years later. Morrell has its roots in Bradford, England, 200 miles north of London. It was there in 1827 that George Morrell established his company. He was a wool comber to begin with, but leveraged a modest inheritance of £60 into a massive and long-lived meat packing industry. George’s son, John, took the reins around 1842, and by 1864 had established operations in Ireland and the United States. 

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