1974 Luxury Beetle

Country and/or Category: Export | VIN range: 1974: 134 2532 xxx - 134 2772 768 | S-code(s): Export: S729 |
Extras/Options M-code(s): Z 05 (M032, M047, M094, M102, M132, M162, M206) M014, M034, M042, M046, M054, M184, M976, A13

Paint and Upholstery:

L95C (Y6) Moosgrün-metallic / (17T) Bambus
L97A ( Z4, Z9) Diamantsilber-metallic / (56U) Dunkelblau.

Accent to the paintwork was provided by a satin black rallye stripe without lettering to the lower body sides (133 092 523).  Diamantsilber was not a standard colour for the Beetle in the 1974 model year whereas Moosgrün-metallic was for the 1303 range on the German “inland” and some other “export” markets).

Technical Data:

1200cc typ. 133 unbadged,
1300cc typ. 133 badged “Volkswagen”
1300cc typ. 133 badged “VW 1303”
1600cc typ. 135 badged “VW 1303 S”
1600cc typ. 136 badged “VW 1303 S”.

Factory Fitted Optional Equipment:

Special velvet cord faced upholstery and loop pile carpeting (58T Blau and 84U Beige) coordinated to the paint colour, wood veneer dashboard trim, vinyl padded Petri AG steering wheel with alu-silver trim detailing,
M 184 Automatic seat belts
M 976 4½J x15 (ET41) (Lemmerz “GT”) sports wheels
M pack A13
M pack Z 05 which comprised of:
M 032 Lockable fuel filler cap
M 047 Twin reversing lights
M 094 Engine hood lock
M 102 Heated Rear Window
M 132 Possibly Special Upholstery
M 162 Rubber Bumper Trims
M 206 Rear view mirror, inner, anti-dazzle.

As one of the Lux trimmed group of SEBs the Luxury Beetle was also equipped Editions with a range of specification variations depending on recipient markets.

These included:
M 014 “Volkswagen” badging on engine lid
M 034 Parking lamp warning light, side-mounted flashing indicators and rear reflector
M 042 Sealed tyres for Export markets
M 046  Side mounted indicators
M 054 Lockable glove compartment lid
M 976 4½J x15 (ET41) (Lemmerz “GT”) sports wheels.

Context: S 729 “Sonderaktion *Luxus-Käfer* is identified in the Volkswagen parts lists as for “Export-Länder nicht USA, Kanada 1303: 135, 136”

The list does not elaborate on which countries were included in that all embracing term “Export-Länder”. We believe however that this Edition was sold in at least Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Italy (model 1303:135) together with UK and Japan (model 1303:136).

The Luxury Beetle was produced by Volkswagen AG at Wolfsburg (Germany) and D’leteren at Brussels (Belgium).

The restored Austrian example included above which has a complete and reputable provenance bolstered with a Volkswagen “Zertifikat” is without a rallye side stripe and has Lapisblau (56) leatherette faced upholstery rather than the velour.

Not a Big Beetle:

The Luxury Beetle’s identity has been somewhat misunderstood by frequently, and erroneously, being thought as a second series of Big Beetles. This misunderstanding has been compounded by Denmark and Norway receiving deliveries of Diamantsilber S729 *Luxus-Käfer* with rallye side stripes incorporating the 1303/Big script.

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Photographs courtesy Leopold Schneider, Austria.

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