1997 Horace The Hate Bug

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Horace the Hate Bug is a black Volkswagen Beetle (Herbie’s evil twin) who appears in the 1997 television remake of The Love Bug. Built by Herbie creator Dr. Gustav Stumpfell at Simon Moore’s request he seems to possess a symbiotic link to his twin. According to the police Horace was never registered with the State.

When Simon became obssesed with Herbie’s power and frustrated he could not control him he searched for Herbie’s orginal creator. When he had found Dr. Gustav Stumpfell he asked him to build another living car offerring his facilities for the car’s creation. Horace’s life force comes from a fraction of Herbie’s from the original car’s key. He is made from the same metal and was originally meant to be just like him until Simon corrupted his life force to obey him creating a mirror image of Herbie’s personality. When he born his creator insited he should be destroyed but Simon refused claiming the car was “beautiful” but needed a test run. During his creation three gadgets (a drill in his front right tire, grenades in his license plate and a laser in his nose) were installed.

Horace killed Herbie seemingly out a desire to be the only living car. However, Herbie is rebuilt by Hank shortly afterwards, much to the digust of Simon and Horace. Simon challenges Hank to a duelling race, at the end of which “the winner takes home both cars.” During this race, Simon uses each of Horace’s gadgets against Herbie, but Herbie manages to overcome all of them and win the race.

Horace dies at the end of the film after driving into a dam and exploding underground where a demonic scream was heard. It is unclear whether this is deliberate suicide or an accidental crash.


Despite his clear hatred for his brother the two cars share many things:

  • Both can drive themselves (without keys) and override the driver’s control
  • Both have faster reflexes than human beings
  • Both can manipulate their headlights/bumpers to display emotions
  • Both have speed faster than oridnary Volkswagen Bettles. Horace, however, lacks the experience to properly use his power.

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