1971 Knight Super Vee

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‘In Daly City, California, Phil Knight, a Volkswagen service advisor, designer and builder of the *Volksliner has embarked on a design concept which. if successful, will offer VW buyers still another choice in built-to-order Beetles. Knight’s showroom custom is called the Super Vee, and it has its beginnings in Volkswagen’s own Formula Vee accessory marketing program. By emulating the basic concepts of VW’s Program (performance and appearance from dealer to buyer), and by drawing on his own Formula Vee racing experience, Knight has developed a package which he says, “represents the next step up from the VW dealers’ Formula Vee promotion.” Thus the name, “Super Vee.”

Knight’s Super Vee prototype is based on a 1963 VW body and floorpan, rather than on a late-model Volks, for purely economic reasons – a ’63 Beetle was all the budget would allow. Therefore, many of the 1970 components Knight was forced to add to his older car are an inherent part of a new, factory-fresh Beetle. The rear deck lid, apron, fenders, and tailgates, as well as the rear and front bumpers, were add-on items on the prototype, but are part and parcel of any new VW. However, Knights unusual paint application and performance tailoring are not.’ – ‘Still Another Choice’, Hot VWs, August 1971.

Rear deck lid and taillights are 1970 Volkswagen. Wheels are EMPI Sprint Star fitted with Continental 155-15 (front), and 165-15 (rear) radial tyres.

Super Vee sedan is powered by a ’62 Porsche Super 90 engine, brought up to date with installation of SCAT 300 camshaft, Sanderson exhaust extractor. Engine has been modified to accept 200mm flywheel, diaphragm-type clutch fitted with Velvetouch disc.

Stock VW interior has been dressed up with easily available, off-the-shelf accessories. The dashboard has been painted black, fitted with a full complement of VDO gauges. Stock steering wheel has been replaced with a leather-rimmed competition unit. Naugahyde interior and bucket seats are snap-in kits from Logan’s.

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Information courtesy Michael Liddle

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