1974 WM ‘Weltmeister’ ’74

Country and/or Category: Germany (Inland), World Cup '74 Edition | VIN range: not known | S-code(s): S731, W16 |
Extras/Options M-code(s): Z05, (M032, M094, M097, M102, M162, M173, M206), M184, M218, M277, M289, M551, M976.

Paint and Upholstery: 

L10A (D7) Rallyegelb  / L03C Mattschwarz  / (50) Schwarz (leatherette)

L20B (E1) Leutchtorange / L03C Mattschwarz / (50) Schwarz (leatherette)

L31A (G9) Senegalrot / L03C Mattschwarz / (50) Schwarz (leatherette)

L61A (N7) Cliffgrün / L03C Mattschwarz / (50) Schwarz (leatherette)

all four colours were standard 1974 model year colours and were accented with satin black bonnets and engine lids evocative of the GSR

Technical Data: 

1300cc typ. 133 badged  “VW_1303”

Factory Fitted Optional Equipment:

Special side stripes “World Cup ’74” with  ‘WM 74’ symbol on rear quarter panels , football style gearshift knob and pennant.
M184 trim rings on standard wheels or M 976 4½J x15 (ET41) (Lemmerz “GT”) sports wheels.
M 184 Automatic seat belts
M 289 Shear bolt for steering column tube fixing
M option Z 05 comprising:
M032  Lockable fuel filler cap
M094  engine hood lock
M097  Blaupunkt  VW-Radio ‘Emden’ (KW, MW, LW)
M102  Heated Rear Window
M162  Rubber Bumper Trims
M173  155 SR 15 radial tyres
M206   Rear view mirror, inner, anti-dazzle
M616  Back-up light in the brake/indicator light

Some of the cars also had:

M227  Higher front seat backrest
M551  Halogen headlights


Campaign model celebrating the World Cup Championship of 1974 based on the World Cup ’74 Cabriolet.

300 World Cup Käfer were produced by Volkswagen AG at Wolfsburg (Germany).

Sales Literature:

A single page flyer showing icons of yellow, green, red and orange Beetles with the text ‘Extra for you and the winner of the World Cup. Special editions of the Beetle with special equipement without additional charge’ on the front and on the back ‘Beetle in Cliff green, Rallye yellow, Senegal red, Bright orange. With MW and VHF. With black bonnets. With World Cup side stripe. With a football as gear lever knop. With a flag for the fans.

A similiar newspaper advertisment was published.

For the showroom dealers got a large size banner.

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Information courtesy Björn De Groote, Jan Walter

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