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The Beetle enters the electric era and provides a hint at a Concept electric Beetle in the 2023 movie ‘Ladybug & Cat Noir’.


The sun sets on the second generation New Beetle and the replacement ’21st Century’ Beetle is launched. At the 2018 Geneva Auto Salon in March VWs R&D head, Frank Welsch announced the third generation...


The New Beetle era. Final production of first generation Beetles ended at Puebla, Mexico on 30th July, 2003 after 70 years of production worldwide.


A relatively quiet period for the Beetle but new generations were coming… Picture courtesy Luis Aguirre and photographer Carlos Sanz.


European production had ended but Mexico and Brazil keep the Beetle spirit alive.


Volkswagen offers its first ever Special Edition Beetles – the ‘Spring Edition’ June, Meikever and Popkever editions. The Beetle outsells the Model T Ford and Editions proliferate to maximise sales. By the mid 70s...


From rebel Dealerships D’leteren of Belgium, Economotors and Brundage Motors in the USA to ‘Herbie’ and the rise of Formula Vee…