1979 Champagne Edition (PH)

Country and/or Category: Philippines | VIN range: not known | S-code(s): not known |
Extras/Options M-code(s): not known

Paint and Upholstery: L96N Vipergrün-metallic/Viper Green Metallic and L90B (M1) or 78 L90E (P1) Alpinweiß/Alpine White + other ‘champagne’ metallic colours possibly L97B Ancona-metallic/Ancona Blue (X5), LE3Y Pfirsichrot-metallic/Peach Red Metallic.

Technical Data: 1600cc Type 3 dual-carburetor push/pull linkage, badged “1600”.

Factory Fitted Optional Equipment: Padded dash, VDO tachometer, ammeter, oil pressure. 14″ Targa 1008 magnesium alloys by ROTA ITALIA, PAWI (Philippine Aluminium Wheels, Inc.). Front disc brakes. Mark IV end-to-end evaporator air conditioner. Loop pile carpet. Radio. DMG badge on the rear decklid.

Context: Produced as CKD out of the Manila DMG plant from Brazilian components this is as far as we know the only ever Philippine built Special Edition and makes it a close brother of the Super Fuscas’ and therefore technically a 1600S. Disc brakes were standard on all Brazilian Beetles since 1976 and the engine appears to have been fitted with twin-Solex carburetors as were standard equipment on the Brasilia and Igala. The ‘elephants foot’ (1303) rear lamps in the Philippines case appear to use the South African style wing adapters on standard wings although in Brazil from 1979 they were fitted with the 1303 rear wings designed to accept them.

There are some indications that this edition may have been offered since 1978. These were amongst the last Beetles to be produced at the DMG plant at Ysmael Compound, 333 Rodriguez Ave., Quezon City which closed in 1981.

A former executive of DMG states – “I was in DMG when this was launched… it was a Brazilian Type one with twin carbs and locally installed a/c and accessorized with VDO gauges, radio, loop pile carpet and had mags from Rota Italia… it came in champagne colours (reason for calling it such)… all of them… from the color code of VW units that were called Champagne Edition from Germany.”

See also RS001.

Photos and information courtesy Roberto Ramos Dosalla Jr, Andy J Ferreria, Eric L. Caruana, Butch Villa-real Inocencio, Boy Araojo, Eugene Fernandez, Sunday Canillas, Jaffy Dale O. Gayo, Ian Dela Cruz, Alden Didulo, Joe Sapico.

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