1999 New Beetle Cup

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The Beetle Cup marketing team produced two promotional cars in the Series years.

In 1999 when VW began to promote the Cup they were unsure of the sponsors and car specs so promotional cars were made as Concepts. The first was the ’99 Cup Concept. Made in Mystic Blue, supposedly with 4Motion AWD.

For the 2000 season more promotion was required and a proper, drivable promo car would have been required to get drivers into the idea. Enter the silver car. One or possibly two cars were produced but the original concept images for the 2000 season show a silver Beetle Cup with Cup 2000 graphics and BBS CH wheels. Perhaps VW were still looking for a solid wheel sponsor but as far as we know this is the only Cup car utilising these wheels. It’s possible the silver cars are the same car shown here in various stages of marketing development.

The last car is the ‘Double Yellow’ Cup car. Only ever seen in the 2000 website concept images and on the ‘Drivers Wanted’ USA marketing posters. The marketing images were part of a New Beetle Cup website to back the race series. It’s unknown whether they were actually printed or sold as merchandise. Overall around sixty cars were eventually produced.

No official paint lists for these. Just what in the build manuals. The main colours were: Orange LP2A, Shell Yellow LB1A, Soft Blue LR5A, Reflex Silver LA7W. There were 4 Metallic Blue ‘Junior Cup’ cars built later and the Ferdinand Piech RSI which we assume were the same shade – perhaps LW5Y Techno Blue.

Reported numbers vary with these but at least 60 2.8 cc 6-speed cars built for the racing series in the New Beetle platform. Cup Beetle website.


Information and text courtesy Paul Wilkinson.

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