SOLIDO S1800514 VW Beetle 1303 Rally Elba Winner 1973

Like the Senegal Red WM ’74 reviewed in SMR 009 this fabulous Porsche Austria Salzburg Rally Beetle is both another variation of a previously issued model and a Solido “DEUTSCHLAND SPECIAL EDITION” model for the Simba-Dickie Group.

Let us be clear: the nine year history of the Salzburg Rally Beetles and events that surrounded them between 1965 and 1974 is one of my favourite chapters of Volkswagen history. The imagery of the cars – and particularly the later ’02 and ’03 models in their black and silver paintwork with Austrian national colours banding – is one that invariably sends a tingle down my spine.

I am therefore biased. I thought that Solido’s S1800503 1303 Rally Acropolis version was a very welcome release. Three years later this new companion representing the Rally Elba winner of 1973 is equally, if not more, so. It represents one of the best known and most successful of all those Salzburg Beetles. A car with a significant backstory to it. Indeed in broader terms of Volkswagen Beetle history an image of a Salzburg car in full flight was invariably included in Volkswagen Press packs alongside images of Herbie, the “Wolfsburger Bähnle” Beetle towed visitor land train and other ket parts of the Beetle’s folklore – or VWolkslore.

Again I am going to defer to my previous review SMR004 in respect of the base model and the overview of these cars. So considering this particular issue and the car it represents the decal set is a good, vibrant, replication of the livery of the original vehicle such that it exudes the excitement of the real car very well indeed. And, I have to say, similar sentiments occur to me as did with the Senegal Red WM ’74 in that this release just bolsters the appeal of the Acropolis version from three years ago. Together Solido’s Acropolis and Elba models make a stunning display pair – and brilliant conversation starter.

I am slightly curious though. Given that the appeal of these Salzburg Rally Beetles is an international one why this particular version has been restricted to release in Germany only? Thankfully scale model collectors, rally fans and SEB enthusiasts living outside of Germany need not worry too much about sourcing examples from the restricted marketing of these “DEUTSCHLAND SPECIAL EDITION” models though. At least a couple of the larger, well known, on-line stores in Germany ship worldwide so get shopping whilst stocks last.

A fabulous addition to the range of 1/18th scale SEBs from Solido that will endear itself to many enthusiasts.

Appreciation: My grateful thanks to the Simba-Dickie Group for making it possible to review this Scale Model for the benefit of SEB enthusiasts worldwide.

Stephen Paul Hardy,
England. 11th July 2020

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