1971 Super Vee

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A VW(GB)Ltd., Authorised Dealership sales promotion model prepared by accessorising standard production Beetles with a kit of parts drawn from the contemporary VW AG accessory range that included: Lemmerz 4.5×15 Sprintstar sports wheels, overriders on Euro bumpers, Hella halogen driving lamps, an all black three spoke sports leather steering wheel with Wolfsburg crest, sports gear shift, tunnel tray, Super Vee side stripes in black or white, Super Vee engine lid badge,

We are uncertain if any advice was given to dealers by VW(GB)Ltd., about how to prepare vehicles for the Super Vee promotion in terms of which models to use as the base. We do know however from seeing vehicles in dealer premises  at the time that 1300cc model Beetles finished in metallic paintwork seemed to have been the preferred choice with examples in L 96 D (80) silver metallic, L 96 E (86) gemini metallic and L 95 B (82) turquoise metallic having been seen. Given that the last of these was introduced for the 1972 VW model year this suggests that the promotion spanned through the 1971 calendar year. Because of the nature of the promotion the choice of base vehicle and the accessories fitted to it varied according to both the preparing dealership and in some cases customer preferences.

In 1971 Formula Super Vee (1600cc from 1200) was introduced and in 1977 Volkswagen ended its support of the Formula Vee series to concentrate their efforts on Super Vee. Later Volkswagen’s support of that series ended as well.

Also see Formula Vee.

Silver Super Vee photographs courtesy Alex Savill.

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