1984 Bumblebee aka Goldbug

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Four million years ago, Optimus Prime led a crew of Autobots including Bumblebee aboard the Ark to clear a path through an asteroid belt for Cybertron to pass through. Once their objective was completed, they were attacked by Decepticons and both their ships crashed in a volcanic mountain on a primitive planet known as Earth. In 1984, the volcano (Mount Saint Hilary) erupted, awakening their ship, which rebuilt them. Bumblebee was reconfigured to transform into a yellow Volkswagen Beetle.

Also known in Japan as ‘Bumble’.

Moulded sometimes as a generic saloon or sports car, when moulded as a VW can be coloured white, gold or black.

Concept art by Hasbro/Takara© for a proposed ‘New Beetle Bumblebee’ was made during 2005. The design was produced for the 1/24 Transformers Alternators/Binaltech officially licensed real world car model range but permission was not given by Volkswagen AG. However, Bumblebee in this guise appeared in the ‘Transformers: Timelines’ comic book ‘Descent Into Evil’ (08/2005), drawn by Makoto Ono.

Tonka© and Bandai© also produced a similar line of transforming figures called ‘GoBots’ including ‘BugBite’. Also note that the Transformer ‘Cliffjumper’ figure (originally based on a Porsche 924) was remoulded as a Beetle similar to Bumblebee.

In 2014 Transformers celebrated their 30th Anniversary.

Paramount Pictures produced in 2018 the sixth Transformers movie entitled ‘Bumblebee’ finally depicting the Autobot as a Volkswagen Beetle, in this case, based around a 1967 model year. Starring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena.

Information courtesy Seibertron.com and TransformersWiki.com Transformers Hasbro/Takara©

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