1971 Pop Bug

Country and/or Category: [ Landmark Edition ], North America, Spring Edition | VIN range: not known | S-code(s): not known |
Extras/Options M-code(s): not known

Finished in L40M Poplila (Pop Lilac), L51M Beatblau (Beat Blue) and L63M Hippigrün (Hippie Green) the Pop Bug appears to have been a repeat of the 1970 Pop Beetle based on the North American specification VW typ.113 Saloon Beetle. The only evidence we have about this virtually unknown Edition is a single photograph taken on the dockside at Emden port in 1971.

Interestingly a brochure titled “Things you never knew about the Beetle. (And all the other Volkswagens.)” was published by Volkswagen in Canada for the 1972 model year which had on it front and back covers photographs representing 1972 North American specification Beetles in the three Pop colour paintwork finishes. Careful examination of the photographs suggest that they were not retouched for colour but of actual cars; closer examination, however, revealed retouching on the back cover photographs to modify 1971 model year Beetles to portray those of the 1972 model year. The retouching comprised of overlaying a representation of the four sets of engine lid ventilation louvers to replace the double set of the 1971 model year on the Beatblau car – compare the top right-hand side of the louvers with those on the Poplila and Hippigrün car.

Further evidence that the cars in the photos were 1971 models can be found in the steering wheel with chrome horn ring just visible through the rear window of the Beatblau car together with the fact that the rear windows are of the (smaller) 1971 size that the improved 1972 version.

The result of this analysis gives us further evidence in addition to the Emden quayside photos then that there was indeed a 1971 Pop Bug Edition.

Information courtesy Jan Walter. 1973 vehicle image courtesy Wendee Schmitke.

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