1973 Promotion Jeunes

Country and/or Category: France, Fruit Series Edition | VIN range: not known | S-code(s): S714 |
Extras/Options M-code(s): M976

Paint and Upholstery: 

L15M (51) Zitronengelb / Lemon Yellow, Black (50) (basket weave pattern leatherette)

L30M (59) Tomatenrot / Tomato Red, Black (50) (basket weave pattern leatherette)

L64M (50) Apfelgrün / Apple Green paintwork, Black (50) (basket weave pattern leatherette)

(in addition to the models having black accent trim, including the glovebox lid and dashboard speaker grills, they also had bumper trim tape colour coded to the paintwork)

Technical Data: 

1200cc typ. 111 unbadged

Factory Fitted Optional Equipment:

M 976  4½J x15 (Lemmerz) “GT” style sports wheels


Sales promotion model for France based on the most basic of all export Sparkäfer complete with 6volt electrics.

We are not certain whether the 700 Promotion Jeunes were produced by Volkswagen AG at Wolfsburg (Germany) or by D’leteren at Brussels (Belgium). However strong similarities between the Promotion Jeunes and the 1200cc Speciale Belgique  together with an article in the January 1973 issue of the UK published “SAFER MOTORING” magazine leads us to think they were assembled by D’leteren.

Sales Literature:

Non produced but the Edition was publicised with a postcard published by the French importers.

Further reading on this website:

Introduction to the Fruit Series Group of Editions.

The January 1973 SAFER MOTORING article can be found here: https://lookaside.fbsbx.com/file/SM%201973%2001%20BeB.pdf?token=AWwVoooDjUIcKNqL3E3GzlsIgYTNtxzZ0E9j_IZqblLaf6KGbuPNTWjM6HvkacPK_v34k6GGjqUzfMFHLZIUIw6ONUq7QVXpSF-Dg5DgLGi1qyXMwGkIjiPtKauEFKYaP_oq4ScWYArWBhVxpJnJmuG-QwCSo6QX8eDCLihFVWYYzg

Information supplied by Geoffroy lHoeste

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