1979-80 Triple Black or Epilog Convertible

Country and/or Category: [ Landmark Edition ], Europe, USA | VIN range: 159 202 9000 - 159 204 4099 | S-code(s): |
Extras/Options M-code(s): not known

The Triple Black Convertible was available from June 1979 on for the regular sales prize of $7140. The Black paint (L41) cost $195 extra. Black top and Black Basket Weave seats (9001LL). As with all US convertibles from 1979 on the Triple Black and Triple White featured 165 SR 15 whitewall tires, GT (Lemmerz) Sport wheels, cigarette lighter, quartz crystal clock, dual outside mirrors, heated rear window, Leatherette covered sport steering wheel and woodgrain dash applique as standard.

The Triple Black was probably launched as an unlimited Last Edition or as the limited Epilog. There is discussion that the Triple White, Triple Black/Epilog and Wolfsburg editions were special paint order only, rather than special editions in their own right.

The last Triple Black was finished four days after the officially last Convertible (having a higher VIN) and came off the Karmann, Osnabruck production line on 10th January, 1980.

See also Triple White.

Smaller Epilog pictures courtesy SuperBeetles.com

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