1975 Elegant Beetle

Country and/or Category: Export, Japan | VIN range: 1975: 135 2000 001 - 135 2187 424 | S-code(s): |
Extras/Options M-code(s):

Paint and Upholstery:

L97A ( Z4, Z9) Diamantsilber-metallic / (56U) Dunkelblau.

Accent to the paintwork was provided by a satin black rallye stripe with lettering “BEETLE” to the lower body sides.  Diamantsilber was not a standard colour for the Beetle in the 1975 model year.

Technical Data:

1600cc typ. 136 badged “VW 1303 S”.

Factory Fitted Optional Equipment:

Special velvet cord faced upholstery and loop pile carpeting (58T Blau) coordinated to the paint colour, wood veneer dashboard trim. Cigarette lighter. Chromed trim on 4½J x15 (ET41) steel rims. Black anodized gravel guards. Chromed air intake trim. Reversing lights.


Only 300 produced for the Japanese market.


1 page leaflet “ELEGANT BEETLE FAIR”

Google translated –

Limited production for Japan.
A specially tailored beetle has arrived.
Only 300 of them. Do not miss.

This year again, the kanbuto bugs are getting more and more energetic.
We are passionate about our traditional reliable service.

Europe has now entered the season of abundant water and bright land. The season when roses bloom in the fields wind. Here in Hannover, Emden, Germany, new beetles are being born all the time today.

A “value” that never ceases to exist: the beetle. This year, the beetles are going to fly even louder (as they have so far). Throughout history, beetles have sometimes rested their wings.
However, as long as there are roads, humans moving, and communication between them, the beetle cannot be seen.continue flight. The rugged track of performance, equipment, stalwart technicians and good faith is certainly more substantial this year.

Please take a look at the beetles who are doing well this year as well.

Have a great time at this heartfelt festival associated with the flower language of roses, “love.”

Only these 300 units before and after.

For some reason, rumors spread, and I’m getting a lot of phone calls from enthusiasts.

Volkswagen is already familiar, but please try to remember it for a moment. You’ve never seen a silver beetle before. It is a limited production of only 300 units. It is a special painting of diamond silver metallic. Moreover, the content is the problem. The seats are also upholstered in specially tailored blue corduroy. It’s the transformation of a familiar beetle that makes you look back. That’s why I decided to call this special Beetle with one word.

With the VW1303S Elegant Beetle.

This elegant specification is all standard equipment

● Stone guard (front, back, Cronuri)
●Beetle rally stripe
●Door handle plate (Cronuri)
●Elegant wheel cover (with decorative cap)
●Wood grain pattern dash panel
● Fender trim
● air intake grill (chromplated)
● Tunnel tray
● Cigarette lighter

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Photographs courtesy @nostalgic_wagen_jpn and @aki_szok Japan.

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