1972 Baja Champion SE

Country and/or Category: Champion Edition, USA | VIN range: not known | S-code(s): S728 |
Extras/Options M-code(s): M002, M027, M290, M634, M699

Paint and Upholstery:

L96M (9589) Marathonblau-metallic / Marathon Blue Metallic, Black (50) (basket weave pattern leatherette).

(Marathonblau was a unique SEB colour in 1972 but had become a standard model range colour for the 1303 for the 1973 model year in Europe. Not so however for North America where the Baja SE and Rallye Edition Sports Bug were the only models imported in the colour)

Technical Data: 

1600cc typ.113 (1302 Super Beetle) badged “VOLKSWAGEN”.

Factory Fitted Optional Equipment: 

Weltmeister  (World Champion) aka “Baja” 4½J x 15 (ET 34) (Lemmerz 1511/VW 000 071 475 B) Sports wheels with black painted centres complete with silver wheel nut caps and hexagonal VW aluminium stub covers,  glovebox medallion. 

The Baja SE differs in detail from the European market Champion models only in so much as it was  based on the North American specification Super Beetle inclusive of all the standard factory options that adapted the Beetles to satisfy the local requirements of the U.S and Canadian markets including M023.  

As such many of the “M” options that were a feature of the European market Champion models were already included in the standard additional package (Zusatzpaket). These included M121, M227 and all the components of what in Europe were included in what was described in brochures as the “L” pack. This included (1) An anti-glare rearview mirror. (2) Make- up mirror in the passenger sun visor. (3) Padded dashboard, dual-circuit brake warning lamp, and lockable storage box. (4) Second ashtray in the rear. (5) Second door pocket. (6) Carpet (the driving position with rubber pad ). (7) Two reversing lights. (8) rubber strips on the bumpers.


We understand that the theme of the Edition was probably changed for North America so as to not overtly celebrate the overtaking of the Ford Model T production record by the Beetle. Instead it was attributed the celebratory theme of commemorating Baja off-road race successes from 1967-1971.

As with the later Sports Bug Edition the Baja SE was intended to be further enhanced with dealer installed  accessory items that included taper tip tail pipes, bumper overriders, ‘Baja’ side stripes, a commemorative plaque on glove box lid and optional Bosch halogen driving lamps.

1000 examples were produced by Volkswagen AG at Emden (Germany).

Sales Literature:

Non produced

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