1974 The Love Bug

Country and/or Category: USA | VIN range: 114 2489 588 - 114 2999 000 | S-code(s): S715 |
Extras/Options M-code(s): M149, M162 and complete package M108

Paint and Upholstery:

L32K (39, 59, G5, H7, H8) Phoenixrot / (50) black leatherette or (29) Dogtooth Grey/Black cloth upholstery
L65K (33) Ravennagrün / (50) black leatherette or (29) Dogtooth Grey/Black cloth upholstery

(both paint colours were Karmann palette colours. Ravennagrün was not used on normal series Beetle saloon models but on several SEBs. Phoenixrot become a standard paint colour for the Beetle saloon in 1976).

Accent to the paintwork was provided by all black external trim.

Technical Data:

1600cc typ. 113 (“Standard Beetle”) badged “VOLKSWAGEN”.

Factory Fitted Optional Equipment:

North American conformity package option M108 together with:
M 014 “Volkswagen” badging on engine lid,
M 149 Painted instead of chrome parts,
M162 Rubber Bumper Trims
M 976 4½J x15 (ET41) (Lemmerz “GT”) sports wheels

Importer/Dealer Fitted Optional Equipment:

Love Bug plaque on front side quarters and dash.


S715 Sonderaktion *Love Bug* was an USA exclusive Edition promoted by advertising posters and magazine advertisements contemporaneously with the release of Walt Disneys motion picture ‘Herbie Rides Again”. The Edition was a sales campaign model and part of VWoAs efforts to promotes sales against a large, record level, stock of unsold cars and the backdrop of a sales slump that saw Volkswagen sales in the USA drop to 23,803 in June 1974 compared with 45,434 in June 1973.

Advertised as finished in “red hot red” or “luscious lime green” ten examples of this Edition were supplied to each Dealership. The advertised price was US $2,500 – about US $150 less than the normal series Standard Beetle and undercutting contemporary competition from the Chevrolet Vega and Ford Pinto by about US $50.

The Love Bug was produced by Volkswagen AG at Emden (Germany)

Sales Literature:

Press advertisements and dealer promotional material was produced for the Love Bug in North America  by the importers.

Further reading on this website:
“Retrospectively Speaking” editorial column RS 005.
‘The Love Bug’ (1969) and ‘Herbie Rides Again’ (1974) movies inspired this Limited Edition – see also ☆Herbie and New Beetle Herbie, Edition 53.

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