Founded in 1945 by Walter Haefner, AMAG quickly became a household name in the Swiss automotive industry.

As the country’s largest automobile company, it soon made a major contribution to the increasing mobility of the Swiss population. At the weekend, young people enthusiastically took part in car star trips with their VW Beetle, and the honeymoon in their own car to Paris became a classic. It was important for the economy that the workers were suddenly able to commute much further. As an important mobility provider, AMAG was one of the gears of economic and social development in the booming 50s, 60s and 70s.

Walter Haefner: visionary of the Swiss automotive industry.

We have had a close relationship with the Volkswagen Group, which we still represent in Switzerland, since the middle of the last century.

The current brands of one of the most important automotive groups in the world are at the heart of our services: VW since 1948, Porsche since 1951, Audi since 1967, SEAT since 1984, ŠKODA since 1992 and Bentley since 2013. Over the years, AMAG has also imported cars of the brands Standard, Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, De Soto, Triumph, Studebaker and NSU as well as motor scooters of the brand AMI.

As a visionary entrepreneur, Walter Haefner repeatedly set new standards in the automotive industry.

With the parts logistics center opened in Buchs ZH in 1957, for example, he revolutionized the logistics processes – even then with the customer’s wishes for a fast and professional service in focus. The vehicle logistics center in Lupfig, which went into operation in 1965, was also a stroke of genius. Both facilities – the parts and vehicle logistics center – are now more than ever load-bearing components and important nodes in AMAG’s everyday life. Constantly modernized, they stand for our striving for the highest quality and outstanding service that surprises and convinces customers.

Those who have been at the top for as long as AMAG know that mobility dreams and needs are developing and changing.

This is evidenced by new services and offers that we have developed and introduced with foresight. With the establishment of its own leasing company, the expansion of the fleet business, the entry into the rental car business with Europcar, the operation of parking garages in central locations and the entry into car sharing with the takeover of sharoo and other investments, the company developed what it is today: a highly committed service provider who wants to make her customers mobile and happy all round.

Information (translated) courtesy AMAG Group.

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