1993 Itamar

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In 1993, President Itamar Franco who believed Brazilians needed an affordable people’s car, asks Volkswagen to resume the production of the Beetle suspended in 1986 – see Last Series. The first car rolled from the production line at the Anchieta factory of Volkswagen do Brasil on 24 August 1993.

1600cc engine, now with body coloured bumpers, yellow ‘waist hight’ sidestripes, no chrome trim, VW Gol steering wheel, single tip exhaust, Fusca badge on rear with VW decklid badge also. Not strictly limited in numbers but produced until 1996.

Four Itamar Convertibles were also produced by the Sulam Group for the Itamar launch, including one for President Franko and another for the President of VW Brasil. Wheels were BBS.

The final Itamars were produced in 1996 and one was completed after the production of the ‘last edition’ Ouro’s.

With thanks to Fusca Itamar

Itamar Convertible information courtesy Elka Neikova.

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