1973 Black Is Beautiful

Country and/or Category: Germany (Inland), Not for USA or Canada, Spring Messenger Edition | VIN range: 111 and 1303: 113 2606 864 - 113 3200 000 | S-code(s): S759 |
Extras/Options M-code(s): not known

Paint and Upholstery: 

L10B  (08) Texasgelb  / Texas Yellow, Black (50) (basket weave pattern leatherette)

L21E  (23) Blutorange / Blood Orange / Tangerine, Black (50) (basket weave pattern leatherette)

L65K (33) Ravennagrün / Ravenna Green, Black (50) (basket weave pattern leatherette)

(Texasgelb was a normal 1973. model year colour for the Beetle. The other two colours were 1973 Karmann palette colours not normally used on standard production Beetles and were therefore finished with black, instead of paint colour matched, plastic beading between the body and wings)

Technical Data: 

Not known

Factory Fitted Optional Equipment: 

Not known


The S 759 Sonderaktion *Black is Beautiful* remains an Edition we know virtually nothing about. It is listed in the Volkswagen parts system as:

S 759 Sonderaktion *Black is Beautiful* 

ab Fg.Nr. 113 2606 864 bis 133 3200 999 Export, nicht USA, Kanada 111 – 114

ab Fg.Nr. 113 2606 864 bis 133 3200 999 Export, nicht USA, Kanada 1303: 135, 136

The paint colours we have recorded against the Edition came from research Chris Barber contributed to the 1983 series of articles that he and Stephen Hardy wrote for “Volkswagen Audi CAR” Magazine.  Chris contributed research to those articles on the the German “inland” and mainland Europe “export” SEBs whilst Stephen  contributed research on the “export” SEB supplied to British and on the North American SEBs. (for more background information reading see below)

Sales Literature:

Non produced.

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