1977/78 Champagne Edition Convertible

Country and/or Category: Canada, USA | VIN range: 157 2067 784 - 158 2038 535 | S-code(s): S723 |
Extras/Options M-code(s): M002, M617

Paint and Upholstery: L90B (M1) or 78 L90E (P1) Alpinweiß/Alpine White paintwork (white fender beading), Hellsand, Hell / Light Sand (V3) or Silbergrau / Silver grey (V2) cabriolet hood, Opal / Cameo White (K4) upholstery (square weave pattern).
Technical Data: 1600cc typ.153 badged “FUEL INJECTION”.
Factory Fitted Optional Equipment: 41⁄2Jx15 Lemmerz “GT” sports wheels, white wall cross-ply tires, padded steering wheel with silver embellished horn pad, Maple (1977) and Burled Elm (1978) imitation veneer dashboard trim, gold stripes along the lower body, white plastic beading between the body and wings. A dash plaque and an exterior sticker were also available.

Context: It was assigned as the “Champagne Edition” (later, retrospectively, referred to as “Champagne Edition I”) promotion identity by VWoA to celebrate the one-millionth Rabbit (Golf). Approximately 1000 produced in total – one for each selected Dealer. The cars were enhanced with dash plaque and exterior sticker after importation. During the 1977 model year VWoA published a brochure for the Champagne Editions which included a typ.15.

June 1983 issue of Volkswagen Audi CAR magazine:

“..the Cabrio was the most attractive: finished in Alpine White (L90B) with opal (white) leatherette interior and Pale Sand hood, this was a very ‘pure’ model indeed! The white-with-white colour combination was not one normally available and although opal (called cameo white in the Champagne Sales brochure) had been available in previous years it was coupled with Alpine White in 1977 specially for this issue. It appears from our reference sources that the S723 Cabriolet continued to be available through into the ’78 model year in the later shade of Alpine White L90E. Some models also seem to have been produced with silver grey rather than pale sand hoods. Whether this was a ‘model year’ or simply production line change is unclear”

(N.B a photo of the 1976 S739 Edition was erroneously used by the publishers instead of the press photo of the 1977 S723 model).

Reference to the VW Parts Manual for the 1302/1303 lists;

  • Silver Grey hood material as (8/72 onwards) 023 Silbergrau brochure code ( _ 27 _ ) later ( _V2_ )
  • Light Sand hood material as (8/72 onwards) 256 Hellsand, Hell brochure code ( _ 31 _ ) later ( _V3_ )
Champagne and Triple visual

Champagne and Triple visual/timeline

See also 1978 Champagne Edition II

Information courtesy The Kafer Cabriolet Register

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