2016 Spirit of Union Edition

Country and/or Category: [ Dealer Option ], UAE | VIN range: not known | S-code(s): not known |
Extras/Options M-code(s): not known

Volkswagen Beetle Turbo Spirit of Union Edition sold in Abu Dhabi. Tornado Red 2016 model. Automatic transmission, 4 cylinder engine, 20″ Tornado alloys and Black interior. Paddle Shifters, Fender Sound System. GCC specs.

The Spirit of the Union National Day is celebrated on the 2nd of December each year in the United Arab Emirates. It marks the UAE’s formal independence from the United Kingdom and the eventual unification of the seven emirates in 1971 which combined to form the modern-day country. People celebrate this day with flags and drawings on their faces, cars, streets, houses, clothes, buildings, cosmetics etc.

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