1970 Mai Boble

Country and/or Category: [ Landmark Edition ], Norway, Spring Edition | VIN range: not known | S-code(s): not known |
Extras/Options M-code(s): M060, M135

Paint and Upholstery:

L40M (5134) Pop Lilac  / (M135) Leatherette Beige .

Technical Data:

1300cc typ.113 badged “Volkswagen”.

Factory Fitted Optional Equipment:

M 135 Leatherette Beige special upholstery material and on this validating example an option frequently seen on Beetles exported to Canada and Scandinavia M060 Eberspächer stationary heater. We do not know if all cars exported to Norway in this Edition were equipped with this M060 but suspect that they may well have been.


We were first alerted in July 2015 by Norwegian enthusiast Kjell Roar Foss with the following anecdotal evidence:

“One of my childhood special colored Beetles, the 1970 Poplila Beetles. I remember a lady in my little hometown buy one when I was a little kid, and that pink/purple color stand out from all other cars. Haven’t seen that car since mid-80’s so don’t think it is many left. Once I heard that they only were produced in 2 weeks time, May 1970. Don’t know if that’s true. An old VW mechanic told they sold 3 of them in his hometown. Do you know anything about that one? I am from Norway, maybe only a few countries got that color? I am quite sure it was 1970, as they changed number plates here in ’71, and the one I remember had the old one. I’m a member of a Norwegian vintage VW Club, Veteran VW Klubben, started in 1965/66, and some of the old members remember this color, too. One specifically on a 1300 bought new in his hometown.”

After a long search, we managed to verify the existence of such a model thanks to delighted Norwegian owner Ole Ivar Krogstad via the “VW Norge” Facebook Group and to whom we are very appreciative for a lot of assistance with information and photographs.

Kjell Roar Foss (information), Ole Ivar Krogstad (photographs)

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