1986 Last Series

Country and/or Category: [ Milestone Vehicle ], Brazil, São Paulo | VIN range: not known | S-code(s): not known |
Extras/Options M-code(s): not known

1303 style rear lights and wings. VW of Brazil offered the ‘Fusca Ultima Serie’ – Last Series Beetles – with both gasoline or alcohol 1600 engines. However, only the alcohol-powered ones had two carburetors. The ‘single-port’ cars, gasoline-powered, had an air-cleaner unlike the most recent Mexican models, and developed 53 hp.

The ‘square-style’ instrument board was only produced in Brazil, and had a space reserved to an optional clock to the left of the speedometer. These cars celebrated the ending of the assembly line in Brazil on 31st October 1986. Exclusive new body colours were featured, such as gold, silver and metallic-blue (this one, the most appreciated).

All of the 850 units were sold with a special numbering and golden keys. Their owners’ names were registered in a Volkswagen Golden-Book. This issue marked at the time final production of Beetles in Brazil however Beetle or Fusca production restarted in 1993 (see Itamar) and finished again in 1996.

VW AutoMuseum pictures courtesy Jan-Anders Lindqvist. Information courtesy Thelmo Frota. Production line photo courtesy Elka Neikova.

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