1973 Spring Messenger

Country and/or Category: Export, Germany (Inland), Not for USA or Canada, Spring Messenger Edition | VIN range: (Standard and 1303) 113 2606 864 - 113 3200 000 | S-code(s): S736, Export: S785 |
Extras/Options M-code(s): not known

Paint and Upholstery: 

L10B  (08) Texasgelb  / Texas Yellow, Black (50) (basket weave pattern leatherette)

L21E  (23) Blutorange / Blood Orange / Tangerine, Black (50) (basket weave pattern leatherette)

L65K (33) Ravennagrün / Ravenna Green, Black (50) (basket weave pattern leatherette)

(Texasgelb was a normal 1973. model year colour for the Beetle. The other two colours were 1973 Karmann palette colours not normally used on standard production Beetles and were therefore finished with black, instead of paint colour matched, plastic beading between the body and wings)

Technical Data: 

1600cc. typ. 113 badged “VW 1300 S”

Factory Fitted Optional Equipment:

M 080 Disc brakes instead of drum brakes.

M 047  Twin reversing lights

M 102 Heated Rear Window

M 172 Steel-belted radial tires, 155 SR 15

M 206   Rear view mirror, inner, anti-dazzle

M 228 Padded dashboard

M 976  4½J x15 (Lemmerz) “GT” style sports wheels

Front foglights (BE)


The Sonderaktion *Frühlingsbote*  – Spring Messenger was another sales promotion model based on the 1300S Beetle with uprated 3.875:1 final drive gearbox as opposed to 4.375:1 ratio.

The German home market – “Inland” – model was designated S736 of which 750 were produced by Volkswagen AG at Wolfsburg (Germany) 

The Export model was designated S785 (inclusive of the Belgian Opération Corail/Koraal Aktie Edition) and are believed to have been produced by Volkswagen AG at Wolfsburg (Germany) and Brussels (Belgium – in the former D’leteren plant).

Sales Literature:

Non produced.except for the Opération Corail/Koraal Aktie.

Further reading on this website:

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Information kindly supplied by Paul Peeters

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