1973 Opération Corail/Koraal Aktie

Country and/or Category: Belgium, Spring Messenger Edition | VIN range: not known | S-code(s): S785 |
Extras/Options M-code(s): M080, M047, M102, M172, M206, M228, M976.

Paint and Upholstery: 

L21E  (23) Blutorange / Blood Orange / Tangerine, Black (50) (basket weave pattern leatherette)

(Blutorange was a Karmann palette colour not normally used on standard production Beetles. The Opération Corail/Koraal Aktie therefore had black, instead of paint colour matched, plastic beading between the body and wings)

Technical Data: 

1600cc. typ. 113 badged “VW 1300 S”

Factory Fitted Optional Equipment:


M 080 Disc brakes instead of drum brakes.

M 047  Twin reversing lights

M 102 Heated Rear Window

M 172 Steel-belted radial tires, 155 SR 15

M 206   Rear view mirror, inner, anti-dazzle

M 228 Padded dashboard

M 976  4½J x15 (Lemmerz) “GT” style sports wheels

Front foglights with VW logo.


Another sales promotion model for Belgium and successor to  the Special Belgique the Edition featured an uprated 3.875:1 final drive gearbox as opposed to 4.375:1 ratio.

Advertised as “ Koralrood / Coral Red” the Edition offered a saving over the normal combined list price of the car plus extras of 15,800 BF together with the opportunity to own a non-standard paint colour finish.

The Opération Corail/Koraal Aktie  was produced by Brussels (Belgium – in the former D’leteren plant).

Sales Literature:

A full colour spread of pages on the Edition was published in “Goede reis” by D’leteren.

Further reading on this website:

Introduction to the Spring Messenger Group of Editions.

Information courtesy Geoffroy lHoest, Paul Peeters.

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