1972 VW GT

Country and/or Category: [ Dealer Option ], [ Tuning ], Austria | VIN range: not known | S-code(s): not known |
Extras/Options M-code(s): not known

This 1302 S Super Beetle special edition was only available from the Salzburg based Volkswagen Porsche Austria Dealership.

The car came in (L96D) Silver Metallic with black side stripes, Black bonnet and engine lid and the Austrian racing stripes of narrow red on broad white. Both doors carried the VW GT logo with chequered flags on the rear quarter panels. The car was also known as ‘Efta-Bulle’.

The ‘Austro Sportkit’ 1600 engine comprised modified heads and ports with higher compression, Porsche 914 4 cylinder valve springs and dual carbs – upping the power output to 65hp and a top speed of 145km/hour. 0-80km/h – 10.5s, 0-100 – 16s, 0-120 – 24s.

Inspired by the very successful Volkswagen Porsche Austria rally cars. 210 cars sold.

 1/18 Solido 1303 Rally Acropolis

Volkswagen Porsche Austria Rally Team Works, 1972 – courtesy Gute Fahrt Magazine. Part information and pictures courtesy RallyBugs.com and KaferFriseure

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