2019 Beetle Meister

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[Translated] In Volkswagen, we are implementing the “See You! The Beetle Campaign” which appreciated the past thanks to the end of the sale of The Beetle in Japan in 2019. As the fourth bulletin, in 2018 On October 23, we started selling three special models of “The Beetle Meister (the Beetle Meister)” series.

“Meister” means a car carefully built by craftsmen

This time three models of The Beetle Design Meister, The Beetle R-Line Meister, The Beetle 2.0 R-Line Meister are set this time. In addition to the standard equipment of bi-xenon headlights and Volkswagen original navigation system “716SDCW”, a rear-view built-in rearview camera as standard, “The Beetle Design Meister” is equipped with a paddle shift and a 2-zone full auto air conditioner with a 17-inch aluminum wheel. “The Beetle R-Line Meister” “The Beetle 2.0 R-Line Meister” comes standard with leather seats. Furthermore “The Beetle 2.0 R-Line Meister” is also equipped with electric panorama sliding roof.

“Meister” of the special car “The Beetle Meister (The Beatle Meister)” means “craftsman/master” in German, “As its name implies, it is a highly completed It is a point that it is a special specification car.

Vehicle price, The Beetle Design Meister is ¥ 3,030,000, The Beetle R-Line Meister is yen 3,480,0000, is The Beetle 2.0 R-Line Meister yen 3,970,000.

Main equipment of “The Beetle Meister” series

The Beetle Design Meister (based The Beetle Design)

  • bi-xenon headlights (with height control function)
  • Volkswagen genuine navigation system “716SDCW”
  • rear-view camera “Rear Assist”
  • 2 zone full auto air conditioner (the driver’s seat/passenger seat adjusted independently, automatic in the gas with circulation function
  • fresh air filter with allergen-removal function (pollen/dust removal outside air inlet filter)
  • Padorushifu
  • leather multi-function steering wheel
  • 215 / 55R17 tire / Meister dedicated 7Jx17 alloy wheels (10-spoke)

Beetle R-Line Meister (Base is The Beetle R-Line)

  • Bi-Xenon Headlight with Height Control
  • Volkswagen Genuine Navigation System “716SDCW”
  • Rear View Camera “Rear Assist”
  • Leather seats
  • Seat Heater Seat/passenger seat)

The Beetle 2.0 R-Line Meister (Base is The Beetle 2.0 R-Line)

  • Volkswagen original navigation system “716SDCW”
  • Rear view camera “Rear Assist”
  • Electric panorama sliding roof (with UV cutting function)
  • Leather seats
  • Seat heater (Driver’s seat/passenger’s seat)

Information courtesy Sem Gijssels.

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