2017 Peach Edition

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Five #PinkBeetle edition cars customised by Peach Aviation as a promotional collaboration between themselves and Volkswagen Japan. The vehicles could only be purchased on a first come first served basis via passenger to cabin crew request from November 9.

One of their aircraft, an Airbus A320-214, was rebranded for the promotion to include the Volkswagen logo and 2012 Beetle images. The cars themselves featured special Helix 17″ (7Jx17) alloy wheels, Peach logo and stripe branding and the package included 100,000 JPYen ‘Peach Points’ which could be used to pay airfare, taxes and other fees related to their bookings.

Peach Press Release:

Osaka 9 November, 2016 – In a bid to have more people experience the joys of travel and movement, the Volkswagen Group Japan (President: Till Scheer; head office: Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture; “VGJ”) and Peach Aviation Limited (Representative Director and CEO: Shinichi Inoue; head office: Sennan-gun, Osaka Prefecture; “Peach”) have decided to initiate a collaboration.

By aggressively employing the latest technologies in People’s Cars (Volkswagen), Volkswagen has been aiming for everyone to become able to move around in a safe, secure manner as it leads the “democratization of mobility”. And with many female customers attracted by the color and design of its aircraft, Peach has been aiming to become a “bridge for Asia” that can deepen exchange between people and things, and has realized the “democratization of the use of aircraft” with its “flying trains” in making travel an everyday affair as it continues to propose such a new lifestyle. The collaboration between the two companies came about from the common desire to increase the use of the color “Pink”, loved by women everywhere, as a touchpoint to prompt more people to experience the joys and excitement of travel and movement.

On the occasion of its collaboration with Peach, whose corporate color is “pink”, the key word for the tie-up, Volkswagen has launched today for the first time in its history a limited edition “#PinkBeetle”, and the two companies will continue to jointly deploy various initiatives, including Japan’s first in-flight sale of cars: the “#PinkBeetle Peach Edition” (a commemoration model of the collaboration limited to five cars). Details of the collaboration are as follows:

<Description of Volkswagen / Peach collaboration>
1. Operation of Peach aircraft adorned with the Volkswagen logo and the Beetle (Number of aircraft: one unit; period of operation: scheduled for six months)

2. Introduction of a “#PinkBeetle” airport maintenance vehicle to be used by Peach at Kansai Airport
(Number of units: five; period of use: scheduled for six months)

3. “#PinkBeetle Peach Edition”, a limited-edition car to be available for in-flight sale for the first time in Japan that will be offered only on Peach (Five cars to be available; 100,000 yen worth of Peach points to be given away with the purchase of one car which may be used for purchases of Peach airline tickets; period of sales: six months. Sales will end when the cars have been sold out.)

4. Release of content on Volkswagen cars in PEACH LIVE, a free publication issued by Peach

Peach and VGJ will continue to offer collaborative initiatives that appeal to people with a focus on women and promote the fun of traveling around.

Information courtesy BeMoreBeetle

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