1992 21 Million

Country and/or Category: [ Milestone Vehicle ], Mexico, Puebla | VIN range: not known | S-code(s): not known |
Extras/Options M-code(s): not known

Mexican Beetle to celebrate 21 millionth Beetle production at Puebla 23.06.92.


  • Turquoise (LB6T) Verde Turquesa, Silver Satin (LB7Z) Plata Satin, Tornado Red (LY3D) Rojo Tornado, Steel Blue (LB5T) Azul Acero, Anthracite Gray (LV7D) Gris Antracita (only for GL, not “21 Million”),
  • chromed steel hubcaps,
  • stickers on side panels, and commemorative decal on engine cover “21 Million” (The Gray (anthracite) did not include decals),
  • tinted windows and windshield shading at the top,
  • right side mirror.


  • full carpet floor light gray color (including a rear seat back (mousetrap),
  • 4 point steering wheel,
  • Clarion stereo-cassette, 12 radio memories in FM and 6 AM, with only two output channels (left and right),
  • door speakers,
  • velour coatings in doors and rear side panels (not all had them),
  • pockets in doors (not all had them),
  • velour seats with design in red, gray, and green,
  • pockets in back part of front seats,
  • back seat cover in the same colour of carpet (without speakers).


1600 cc. with carburetor (last VW Mexican Beetle equipped with a carburetor)

Some “21 Million” came with different equipment than the rest of the edition. Example: bumpers with “wide” strip, the decals were slightly different many times. Door panels without velour, and/or without storage pockets. The reason is, that those cars that were differently equipped; were produced by “Volkswagen de Mexico” during the period of the labour strike in August 1992. In some cases, they were sold with a notice on the windscreen thanking the customer for their purchase, and offering an apology for the difference that could be noticed regarding the equipment level of the car they had purchased.

Information courtesy Arturo Mercado Leonel de Cervantes and colour pictures courtesy Fausto Valeri and Jorge Sepúlveda.

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