1984 Love Series

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The ‘Love Series’ celebrated the 25th year of the Beetle (Fusca) in Brazil. These special models came in metallic blue – ‘Azul Copa’, bumpers in the same colour as the body with rubber inserts, 14 inch wheels, heated rear window, pop-out side windows, padded dashboard and steering wheel, exclusive upholstery and fully carpeted floor in gray tones. The engine was a new 1,600cc with twin carburetors, 57 hp and powered by sugar cane alcohol. Maximum speed was about 135 km/h.

Special stickers with a ‘Beetle-heart’ logotype with the slogan ‘Eu amo o Fusca’ (‘I Love Beetle’) were also displayed on this model. Total sold: 2,500 vehicles. VW of Brazil also promoted in 1984 an interesting contest called ‘Eu e o Fusca’ (‘The Beetle and Me’), rewarding with two brand new cars to the authors of the best texts of personal experience with the Beetle. The publicity of the contest illustrates very well the almost human relationship between the Beetle and Brazilian people in the 80’s.

Information courtesy Thelmo Frota and Nelia de Paula. Love Series brochure courtesy Peter Frost.

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