Spring Messenger Editions Group Overview

Context:  When considering the SEB versions of the 1300S Beetle there is no difference between the Fruit Series and Spring Messenger Group of Editions except that of paint finish and the fact that the Spring Messengers were specifically named in the Volkswagen Parts list of Sonderaktion models. 

It is on the criteria of paint colour that the “Black is Beautiful” Edition is also included with the Spring Messenger Group which comprises of:

S 736 Sonderaktion *Frühlingsbote* (“inland”

S 785 Sonderaktion *Frühlingsbote* (“export”)

S 759 Sonderaktion *Black is Beautiful* 

(We have included the Belgian market version of  the S785 – the Opération Corail/Koraal Aktie – as a separate SEBeetles Profile because so much is specifically known about it.)

Both the S736 and S785  Spring Messengers Editions were exclusively 1300S SE models which benefitted from the installation of the larger rear lamp clusters differentiating them from the standard production 1973 1300 Beetle which retained the earlier “tombstone” style of lamps until the 1974 model year.

The Volkswagen Parts Sonderaktion “S” list includes the entry

S 759 Sonderaktion *Black is Beautiful* 

ab Fg.Nr. 113 2606 864 bis 133 3200 999 Export, nicht USA, Kanada 111 – 114

ab Fg.Nr. 113 2606 864 bis 133 3200 999 Export, nicht USA, Kanada 1303: 135, 136

Whilst we know very little else about the S 759 Black is Beautiful Edition it is conceivable that the 1983 “Volkswagen Audi CAR” magazine research has erroneously attributed incorrect paint colours to it. In several instances the original  Sonderaktion name has been changed either at the production or at import stages.  It is equally conceivable therefore that the black trimmed 1200cc typ.111 Fruit Series SEB models originated out S 759 Sonderaktion *Black is Beautiful*. As with many aspects of SEBeetles research it will probably only be when we have the seen copies of Volkswagen Birth Certificates for the respective Editions that this area of mystery is solved.

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