Rallye Editions Group Overview

Context: The “Rallye” Edition is a small but very significant Group comprising of just two Editions based on the 1600cc typ.133 Beetle.

S714 Sonderaktion *Gelbschwarzer Renner* (GSR) and a sister model for North America also carrying the S714 number but not specifically identifiable on the VW Parts books list of “S” numbers. It was given the sales name of Sports Bug on importation into USA and Canada.

Whilst unfortunately arriving at the wrong time in automotive production history in a Europe hit hard by the 1973 international fuel crisis the GSR nevertheless became (and certainly remains) something of an SEB icon.

Conversely in a continent looking urgently to fuel economy orientated motoring because of that same international crisis the Sports Bug was undoubtedly one of the biggest VWoA sales campaign successes of all time. Its ongoing popularity in the USA and Canada at the hands of enthusiasts bestows on it a charisma still equal to that of the GSR.

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