1972 ‘Ballyhoo’/’Colour Card’ Beetle

Country and/or Category: [ Promotion ], UK | VIN range: 1122-043-140/1122-182-692/ | S-code(s): not known |
Extras/Options M-code(s): not known

This double-page centerfold advert is from the UK’s Daily Telegraph magazine, dated 22 October 1971. The advert was to publicise the latest range of ten colours including several much brighter than previously offered. An unknown number of 1300cc Pastel White cars were overpainted by VW (GB) for marketing purposes – like the one in the ad – and displayed initially in Dealerships and eventually sold off. The car got it’s Ballyhoo name from VW Safer Motoring magazines editor Bob Wyse who used it in his article caption.

Volkswagen had already been trying to gauge public opinion regarding body colour since 1970 with the Spring Editions.

Ad scan and information courtesy Peter Frost. Additional information Martin Peart.

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